Friday, September 09, 2005

boso press coverage so far

If you are new to boso and deciding whether to make that all important decision on whether to register, then please have a read and listen to what the press have to say!

Our latest press coverage came from the Guardian, who wrote an article explaining who we were and the service boso provides. They had already been beaten to it by The Times however, who had already written a feature about boso.

However not all of our press coverage has come from the nationals, we have had great support from students as well. Nottingham university have been great and found space for boso on their student union radio show. This was not the first time boso had taken to the airwaves however, with a great radio interview thanks to BBC Radio

Finally but definitely not least, boso has to reserve special praise for the Oxford University Press Officer, Ruth Collier, who wrote the first ever boso article! So things are going well this far and we hope this helps you feel more like a part of the boso community!

Monday, August 29, 2005

how random!

i found this article about boso in, of all places, the worcestershire news. Seems that the PR ball is beginning to roll (click on the title of the post for the article then scroll down a little)! how did i find it? well i was just googling myself (as you do), not sad at all...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

a bit about us

Boso began life as a student led Young Enterprise project, organised by the Oxford Entrepreneurs at Oxford University, in November, 2004 by Kulveer Taggar, Harjeet Taggar, Tom Blomfield, Sunjay Mathur and Daliso Zuze.

Kulveer was President of Oxford Entrepreneurs at the time, and even though he'd had this idea for over a year, hadn't been able to pursue it. Harjeet stepped forward to take the lead in the project, and very quickly an incredible team was built, with Tom Blomfield being our coder supreme and playing a pivotal role in our progress. (You can find Kulveer's personal blog here.)

As a student-led company, we believe strongly in fighting the students' corner. Creating an online secondary market for goods that students need helps them save money. Even the Centre for Economic and Business research says so, putting the figure saved by UK households at £3,000 by trading on online marketplaces. Even if we can help students save a fraction of that, it helps, and hopefully can increase access to higher education for those who consider it already too expensive.

The potential for a country-wide student marketplace is very exciting, think of all the stuff that needs to be bought and sold! By restricting boso to those with official university addresses, we also hope to address one of ebay's biggest flaws, which is the risk of fraud.

We're a tiny team right now but we want to grow. And we're looking for top students to help us along the way. If you're interested in joining the team, to help with our marketing efforts and delivering students the best service possible, please email us at info AT boso DOT co DOT uk and let us know how you can contribute.

For more background, meet the team at boso. Also, keep checking the boso blog for ongoing updates.